2017’s Hurricane Irma had a devastating effect in Florida. This is especially true for the Florida Keys area. No one was quite prepared for the aftermath of the storm. Countless people were without food, water, or shelter for several weeks. Many came back home to see that their only home had been destroyed.

However, not every home suffered the same fate. In fact, some seemed to have braved the storm practically unscathed by the Category 4 winds and raging flood waters. And these weren’t just any normal homes: They were Palm Harbor Modular homes.

Not a Single Palm Harbor Home Was Destroyed During Hurricane Irma

FEMA estimates that over 25% of homes were destroyed during Hurricane Irma in the Florida Keys. This totaled to about 1,800 homes destroyed and 3,000 that were severely damaged.

Palm Harbor Homes Are the Strongest Homes to Build in the Florida Keys

Palm Harbor homes aren’t built like most standard residences in the Florida Keys. They’re modular homes—they were built piece by piece in a controlled factory environment using the latest building strategies and materials.

According to Palm Harbor’s staff, its modular homes are manufactured to be the strongest and most reliable homes in the Florida Keys. Modules are built inside, protected from weather elements and moisture. Walls, floors, and roofs are all built on framing tables to ensure structural integrity and quality during the build process.

These modular homes are built intentionally to resist turbulent hurricane seasons. This includes using ring nails and premium-grade construction adhesive. Metal gang nail plates are used to strengthen trusses where they would normally be the weakest. The exterior walls are built inside-out with two king posts on the side of every door and window frame. Along with a few other trade secrets, these modular homes use almost twice the lumber to ensure optimal structural integrity over the home’s lifetime.

The quality and workmanship are not what you would expect with most standard homes out there.

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