Residents in the Florida Keys are asking, “What’s the big deal with modular homes? Are they really any different from regular homes?”

We hear these questions all the time, and it’s really no surprise that misinformation gets spread about modular homes. That’s why we want to take a little time to help fill everyone in on the differences between these two homes. We’ll start today with 5 big differences between traditional stick-built homes and modular homes.

1. They’re Not a Different Type of House—They’re Just Built Differently

This is the most common misconception about modular homes. People tend to think that modular homes are a specific style of home like a Colonial, Craftsman, or a Cape Cod. This is not the case.

Instead, modular homes are a different way to build a home. Traditional stick-built homes are built completely on-site from the foundation up. Special contractors and builders have to come in to work on different parts of the home on the property. This means that it takes months to complete the home.

On the other hand, modular homes are built in a controlled factory setting section by section. These sections, called modules, are then delivered to the property to be assembled. Modules include walls, floors, roofs, and even whole rooms.

2. Modular Homes Are Built Stronger and Designed to Last Longer

Most people go with the standard home because they believe it’s built better into the foundation. This isn’t usually the case, though. Traditional-built homes often have more exposure to the outside elements and water damage, have more room for error due to unsavory work conditions, and often use cheaper material to keep up with national building codes.

Modular homes don’t have any of these problems. Modules of the home are built inside away from the outside elements. The material is often better quality due to the factory’s familiarity with local building code standards and regulations. In other words, the home is built exactly for the weather conditions and local building codes. Also, specialists are able to put their full attention to the work at hand thanks to easier work conditions and building strategies— making the end result higher quality than a traditional home.

3. Modular Homes Are Built Faster and Cheaper Than a Standard Home

Did you know that modular homes can take 30% less time to build? Think of all the money you could be saving with that cut in labor and construction fees. It’s definitely to your advantage!

Standard homes often cost more in the long run because there can be delays, miscommunications, and a longer build time. It could take several months to build a standard home where it may take no longer than a week to assemble a modular one.

4. Modular Homes Are More Energy Efficient

Are your energy bills higher than you’d like? There are all sorts of reasons that a standard home may not be as energy efficient. It could be poor insulation, bad airflow, or a leak in your home.

Modular homes are often built reinforced with better-insulated walls, roofs, floors, and windows. They are also built with better care and professionalism thanks to constant quality checks and ideal working environments.

5. Modular Homes Offer More Customization for Your Dollar

Standard homes may limit your options depending on the building codes and expertise of the construction company you hired. However, modular homes can come in any style. Manufacturers even have a range of floorplans that you can use to mix and match to your exact liking—or you can completely design your new home from scratch while still sticking to your budget.

Want to Learn More About Modular Homes?

Visit the Modular Home Builders Association to learn more about the construction, assembly and available floor plans that modular homes can offer you. Feel free to educate yourself so that you know whether a standard or modular home is right for you.

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